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Lin Weiran still stubbornly said: "there are rules to follow when you hit the big luck.

Lin Weiran still stubbornly said: "there are rules to follow when you hit the big luck. JYP, DSP and S. M are the three major brokerage companies in the Korean ballad industry. An artist can hit the big luck, but it is impossible for everyone to do so." Hit the big luck, can also be understood as Lin Weiran in the heart of the weather, Jeju Island that shooting of the weather did not cooperate to leave him a lot of shadow, although two percent expressed understanding, but it does not mean that Lin Weiran can so easily admit that the trilogy of bad luck shooting has been put on the market in half a month, the response is gratifying. All the data show that Lin Weiran's planning can effectively increase the market share by 2%, but Lin Weiran, whose heart is on the planning body, is not happy at all. Just like what Huang Rencheng said to him, creativity and ideas are non-renewable resources. You can rely on them to make a big splash, but you can't want to rely on them for a lifetime. No matter what industry, it's impossible to rely on the wild road all the time. So Lin Weiran honestly did market research and evaluation of the prospects of planning, but the results still did not satisfy him. Risks and benefits coexist, which is what Lin Weiran learned in his first financial class,liquid bottle filling machine, and it seems that it is really an irrefutable law. "We can't delay any longer. We want to enter the negotiation stage with JYP. The best result is to cooperate and share the risk. The worst result is that we buy out the copyright of WonderGirls and take the risk alone." Lin Weiran pulled off his headphones. This decision is tantamount to putting all his eggs in one basket. Piao Zhengchang has already been able to anticipate this result, watching this project from the embryonic form to the present, Lin Weiran paid how much effort he saw in his eyes. But they still have a big problem. "Chaoya Investment may not agree to our investment plan. President Huang has been negotiating with it these days, but the result is not very good." Lin Weiran's face was awestruck. The initial capital of 2 billion yuan was the driving force to put this project on the right track. He did not expect this project to be an instant hit. Instead, he felt that it would be better if it could be a long-term one. Because with the deepening of the planning, he found that if this plan could really become a reality,plastic bottle making machine, it could also evolve into more things. He stood up and did not speak, but put on his suit and walked out. "What are you doing?" Piao Zhengchang asked with some concern, fearing that Lin Weiran would do something stupid because he could not get the investment. "Brother, you can rest assured that I will get our investment back." Don't worry? Hearing this, Piao Zhengchang could not rest assured. …… Lin Weiran went out of the company gate and did not go to pick up the car. Instead, he walked for more than ten minutes to take the subway to Korea for two years. He had only been to Asia Investment three times. The first time was to go through the entry formalities, and the other two times were by car. Every time he devilishly got off the bus nearby, walked to the door and turned around without stopping, and finally returned to the bus stop not far away to wait for the bus. Although only once, but Lin Weiran can still remember every detail of that day, these scenes seem to be engraved in his mind, PET bottle Mold ,bottle blowing machine, let him naturally yearn for. Jiangnan Station Financial Center arrived, Lin Weiran followed the crowd out of the car, from the subway station out, along the memory to walk in one direction. Asia Investment may not have a good reputation, but it is also a first-class financial company in South Korea. It does not have much foreign business. It looks like a private investment company of some big shots as a whole. But this just represents its strong capital and accurate information. Its average annual operating profit is more than 100 billion yuan, which makes it difficult for it not to be noticed. Guodahua is one of the few figures in South Korea's financial investment circle. The investment projects he has mastered are enough to make any financial worker jealous. His energy has an impact on all walks of life in South Korea, especially in the real estate and construction industries. He has never failed to invest in Asia, and his almost 100% profit rate has amazed his peers. In front of Lin Weiran was a high-rise building, standing in front of him, as if he had covered the sky. He looked up and did not walk into the building with his head held high like the elites in suits and leather shoes around him. Instead, he changed his direction and walked into the underground parking lot. He was holding a file bag in his hand, which looked a little old. It didn't take much time to come to one of the underground parking lots. He took one look at the familiar Mercedes, then went to the dead corner of the surveillance camera and lit a cigarette. The building is on the 16th floor. Although it is getting dark, the scenery outside the window is gorgeous. It is located in the south of the Yangtze River, which is a busy area in Seoul. It is said that every inch of land is expensive. The financial center of Gangnam Station is commonly known as Korea Financial Street. There are many stories that make people's blood boil almost every day, but there are many unknown laughing stocks. In the office, Guodahua looked at the documents in front of him with serious eyes, but it seemed that even a relieved look thrown to the pale elite in front of the desk was stingy. The quiet in the room was suffocating. Gu Huan stood behind the desk, looking at his mouth and heart, looking solemn and motionless. There was only the clatter of turning over the materials in the room, and when the document in Guodahua's hand reached the last page, he was still calm. "Hand in your resignation tomorrow." The elite in front of the desk, his face is very wonderful, he hesitated to speak, as if there are thousands of reasons piled up in the throat, but eventually turned into a sigh. He made a slight bow and then walked out of the door, even his figure was much more depressed. Guo Dahua stood up behind his desk, his face as usual, as if he had just done nothing. Gu Huan, who was standing at his desk, finally could not help saying: "Mr. Zheng has worked in the company for three years. This plan is not a human factor. Can we be lenient?" "The most taboo of an investment company is that it is related to the Securities Regulatory Commission. If his statement is not handled properly, it will be said to be insider trading. When something happens, the company's next plan will be greatly affected." Guodahua put on his suit, turned around and laughed. "Release the news that Zheng was dismissed by the company because of insider trading." Gu Huan face a stiff, in the financial industry, carrying this kind of suspicion,PET blow moulding machine, is not cut off the way to live? "Go, get off work." Guo Dahua walked to the door, a word will let Gu Huan sober up.


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