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"Yes!" Long Feng Pei laughed so hard that the flowers fell. "Mr. Zhu,

"Yes!" Long Feng Pei laughed so hard that the flowers fell. "Mr. Zhu, do you know why I got married three times?" "Not to see the yellow leaves of the Red Cotton Path?" My first husband, Qi Xiqing, I met when I graduated from university. He was very funny. We dated for six months before we got married. I thought we would be very happy after we got married. But after marriage, I found that the funny jokes he told me before were all copied from joke books. I can't accept a plagiarist. "I'm an art student, and I can't stand plagiarism, do you understand?" "That's understandable." Zhu Wensheng said. Three weeks after I divorced Qi Xiqing, I met my second husband Feng Chengxiang. He was very handsome, and I was soon fascinated by him. My friends all said that we were a pair of dragons and phoenixes. This time, I dated him for three months and then got married. I thought our married life would be very happy. Long Fengpei took a sip of martini. Then why- "" "He was in the steel trade business. A month after his marriage, he went to Germany on business for more than twenty days. I quietly went to Germany to visit him, intending to give him a surprise." "You found him with another woman?" Zhu Wensheng guessed. No, Feng Chengxiang is a very single-minded husband. When I got to my hotel room,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the first thing he said to me was, "What airline are you flying on?" ” "I told him, and he said," You should choose another one. Their tickets are much cheaper, and buy an economy class ticket from Hong Kong to Germany and a free ticket from Hong Kong to Singapore. " I can't stand such an unromantic man. After one month of marriage, we separated and did not file for divorce until there was sufficient time for the court to grant divorce. Long Fengpei took another sip of martini. Jin Guming,ultrasonic cutting machine, who will hold a wedding ceremony with me tomorrow, is the one I met a month ago. Long Fengpei continued. Decided to get married so soon? "It's autumn. I like to get married in autumn." "Yes, the red cotton path is covered with yellow leaves." Zhu Wensheng said that he also liked the environment of Red Cotton Road. Jin Guming is a computer programmer. He is creative and romantic. I think this choice should be right, right? "What are you worried about?" "I've failed in both marriages, and I'm afraid I'll fail this one too." "Failure is the mother of success." Zhu Wensheng comforted her. Thank you, but I'm afraid that after marriage, I will find that my husband is different from what I thought. "This is a problem that everyone will encounter." Zhu Wensheng smiled bitterly. I'm afraid I'll become the most married woman in Hong Kong history. "It seems that no one has become a historical figure because of the number of marriages." Zhu Wensheng said. If he goes back on his word now, Jin Guming will hate me. He loves me very much. "Do you love him?" "How can you marry him if you don't love him?" "It is the happiest to marry for love." I think so, too. Tomorrow, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, Qi Xiqing and Feng Chengxiang will also come to my wedding. "Being able to be friends with my ex-husband is a remarkable achievement." Zhu Wensheng said. Mr. Zhu, I am much happier to talk with you. I have been married three times, and you have presided over the swearing ceremony. I think we are very predestined. "I have a proposal." Zhu Wensheng said, "Why don't you change someone tomorrow?" "Change a groom?" Long Feng Pei was stunned. No, a new Registrar. Your first and second weddings were both presided over by me, and both ended in divorce. Maybe I was a little unlucky. Since I got married for the third time, let's change a person. There are also other registrars on duty in the registry. "Yes!"! Why didn't I think the problem might be you? Long Feng Pei jumped up. Then it shall be so decided. When Zhu Wensheng left the hotel, there were still thousands of couples on the list. He did not intend to contact them any more. The result must be half happy and half unhappy. Marriage is like buying big and small, either big or small. He hoped that after tomorrow, Long Fengpei would not have to get married for the fourth time. Tomorrow, for himself, is also an important day, he will go to the lawyer's office, with his wife Ding Keer divorce procedures. The divorce was initiated by Ding Keer. A man who specializes in marriage for others wants to get a divorce. Fate is too bad. For so many days, when he knew that all the marriages he had made in the past ten years had been half successful and half unsuccessful, he was no longer so sad about his failure. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com The Woman Who Sells Beds Chapter 1 Small. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang Cheng Xueming's furniture shop is located in Ventris Road, Happy Valley. It is a two-storey building. It only sells beds, including new beds and antique beds. This shop is her father's property and does not have to pay rent, so even if she sells only one bed a month, she does not have to lose money, because the bed she sells is not cheap. There are more than 20 beds in a place of more than 2000 feet, one of which can be raised close to the ceiling to make room under the bed for friends to chat. There was a bed like the one in the Old Master Q cartoon, which was inlaid on the wall and pulled out when sleeping. What Cheng Xueming likes most is the simple hammock. When there are no customers in the shop, she likes to lie on the hammock and imagine herself in the forest, sleeping on a hammock between two big trees, while a man like Mount Tai protects her and fans her with a banana leaf. Cheng Xueming set aside a corner in the furniture store to sell bedding, all of which are the works of famous designers. A beautiful bed must be matched with first-class bedding, just as a woman with first-class conditions, only a first-class man is worthy of her. Cheng Xueming's condition, if not first-class, is close to first-class. She is single,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, 27 years old. She came back from studying in Canada. She has a beautiful face and a good figure. She is the owner of the most beautiful furniture shop in Happy Valley. However, this woman, the reputation is not good. They say she sells beds to sleep with. fycgsonic.com


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