How to manage to really relax with children in Montenegro?

How to manage to really relax with children in Montenegro?

At the end of July, we rested with Masha and her family in Montenegro. It was our first joint vacation, and even with children, so we decided to tell about everything! I was responsible for the photos, and Masha in this huge article will tell about her personal impressions of the holidays in Montenegro: how to see this country special, how to entertain children, what to do for adults, how to learn to find addresses without addresses and want to come back again?

We were going to Montenegro with unusual slowness. As if this country was preparing us in advance for its main qualities - slowness and carelessness. Everything was so complicated with housing, tickets and other things that it discouraged the desire to go a little. Usually, when I plan our trips, I look at various interesting housing options for a long time, study the areas of the city or locality, try on routes, but everything didn’t work out with Montenegro: sometimes the housing is terrible, sometimes there are no addresses on the map, sometimes it’s not clear where to rent a car .

As it turned out, this country simply does not need to be tried on. You have to drive with your eyes closed. Trust your intuition and go with the flow. Beautiful, Montenegrin and unforgettable. In the end, my husband literally forced me to sit at the table and we took the first step - we finally bought tickets. Then it got a little easier.

Tickets should be taken to Tivat - some 40-50 minutes and you get to almost any resort town on the coast.

The runway of Tivat is one of the most difficult, but at the same time beautiful - you need to fly between the mountains and land the plane along the sea. Therefore, if the weather conditions are even a little spoiled, the plane flies to Podgorica, from where it will take a little longer. But the beautiful landscapes make up for any inconvenience.

In the Tivat area, the road runs along the runway, and if you're lucky, you can drive right under the plane that is landing. It impresses not only children, but also adults.

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