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Originally published as Foreign women don't wear bras? Do women need a reason not to wear underwear? French women give up bras and use "breast patches". Is this called releasing natural beauty?

Originally published as Foreign women don't wear bras? Do women need a reason not to wear underwear? French women give up bras and use "breast patches". Is this called releasing natural beauty? French women, who have always advocated natural beauty, took the lead in introducing the trend of not wearing bras, believing that only by not wearing bras can they feel comfortable. And if the lines of underwear will affect the coat or can be seen faintly, the taste will be greatly discounted, such as from the transparent clothing to see underwear, it is even more indecent. Therefore, many women in France will go to dinner, sports, simply give up underwear, their practice is to wear a coat without a bra, in the head of the breast with tape, that is, "breast paste.". It not only keeps the breast shape but also keeps elegance. American women let their breasts develop freely. American women have always been known for being trendy and open, and they believe in letting their breasts develop freely, rather than using bras to restrain them. Because they think that blindly pursuing curves and trying to raise their breasts will lead to breast deformation, and may even cause mastitis due to improper use or improper use of bra materials. If the condition is serious, surgery must be performed to extract pus,personalized tape measure, which will cause physical and mental harm to many women. E girls go first, give up the bra Expand the full text I used to think that underwear was a landscape for myself and my lover, but nowadays, e-girls have returned this landscape to nature carelessly. From time to time, girls without bras pass by, young, healthy,garment measuring tape, natural, chic, relaxed, sexy and free, which is really a kind of unrestrained beauty. In fact, as the pursuit of fashion women, "wear" and "do not wear" bra is not important, the important thing is to maintain a healthy mentality, have a pair of healthy and natural breasts is the most important. There are plenty of e girls who don't need to hide, showing a natural landscape of natural decoration, and their steps are bold and confident. Here are some reasons not to wear a bra. Reason 1: The coat style is not suitable. In many major ceremonies or various movies and music festivals, the female stars and guests will choose not to wear bras. There is only one reason, bra tape measure ,tailor measure tape, because they choose the wrong dress with a bra. The general dress design has two characteristics, one is light fabrics such as silk, tulle, and the other is low-V backless. You can imagine what it would be like if you chose to wear a bra under such circumstances. Reason 2: Dedication Here mainly refers to the model (gallery, article), the model as a carrier to show the designer's clothing works, of course, to serve the designer to the greatest extent. If you wear a bra on your own initiative when displaying designer's works on the runway, it may not only destroy the lines, shapes and other elements of designer's works. In another show, each model has to change three or more sets of clothes, while in the background, only one or two clothing assistants will help change clothes, and the speed of changing bras and wearing bras is very slow, so it can be imagined that time is basically not allowed. Therefore, as a dedicated professional model, it is rare to wear a bra without the designer's specific instructions. Reason 3: For health. Health experts say that if the size of the bra is too small, it will oppress the heart, lungs and large blood vessels, thus affecting the normal development of the body's internal organs, but also oppress the breast, so that blood circulation is not smooth, resulting in blood stasis in the lower part of the breast and causing pain, breast swelling and discomfort, and even nipple inversion, breast dysplasia. At the same time, the material and texture of the bra chosen are also very important for women, if the material is not properly selected, it will make women's skin allergic and itchy. So since it's so hard to choose, don't wear it for your health. Bai Ling, a Chinese-American movie star, is a representative of not wearing a bra for health, so she is also called "bold" by many media. When asked if she was worried about sagging breasts if she didn't wear a BRA. Bai Ling frankly said that he was not worried at all, because he was more worried about the health problems such as breast cancer that wearing BRA might bring. Reason 4: Do you need a reason? No need Do you need a reason to love someone? This is Stephen Chow. A classic line from a Chinese Odyssey. Similarly, many female stars who do not love bras always laugh when faced with the question of "why they don't love bras" and are noncommittal. Not only the chest is open, but also the heart is open. Spice Girl Victoria never wears a bra when she is shooting magazine covers, advertisements, attending parties, night spots, or even shopping. It seems that she doesn't need a reason to not wear a bra at all. Does unreasonable bra design cause women not to like sports? Scientists have found that when women exercise, their breasts move in three dimensions,bespoken tape measure, including back and forth, but bras only prevent their breasts from moving up and down. It is estimated that 60% of women feel pain in their breasts when exercising, and some women are shy about their breasts bouncing when running. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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