Prior Research

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Academic writing requires accuracy of facts and figures.

Academic writing requires accuracy of facts and figures. When doing the prior research to write an essay gather all the information that you need and always remember that you need to provide credibility to your work by gathering information that will specifically support your essay thesis.

Conducting Prior Research

First and foremost you need to determine the overall goal of your research. To help you determine your goal, formulate the thesis statement of your essay before anything else and read some examples on the "do my homework" site. For instance, if you are writing about gender and development you need to come up with a clear thesis to help you narrow down your research. Keep in mind that if you are working on topics that are as broad and complicated as gender and development, you will easily get lost in the research process if you do not have clear directions of what information you want to find. Note that in many cases, students who do not formulate their essay draft before conducting their research often get overwhelmed by all the information that they eventually find.

Once you have determined your research goal you need to come up with a plan on how to go about your research. Make a list of all the sources that you need to review for your essay. If you professor specified a number of sources add at least two more sources to the list just to make sure that you do not fall short of the required number. Usually, most professors appreciate it if their students go the extra mile in conducting their research.

If you need to use books, journals and other forms of materials for your essay, compile all the readings that you get from these sources in different folders. Do not mix up all your research materials. If you are using electronic files, create file names that are easy to remember and track down. When going through your research materials highlight the lines, phrases and sentences that you think you can use.

You may also want to copy and paste all the important points of your readings into another file. However, if you cut and paste sentences from your research materials make sure that you keep track of where you got these lines and phrases. Always remember that in academic writing it is vital that you cite all your sources. Not citing the sources of your essay can get you into serious trouble as colleges and universities in most countries are very strict when it comes to plagiarism. Students who are found to have committed plagiarism are certainly given failing grades, so be sure that you cite your entire source diligently.

When conducting prior research give yourself a good lead time. This means that you need to get all your research materials organized long before your start writing. As well, give yourself time to read and go through all your research materials. Tight deadlines will make it very difficult for you to come up with a good academic essay, so you can buy an essay at the "statistics help" company and make the effort to give yourself as much time as possible.


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