9 best pre-made first aid kits

9 best pre-made first aid kits9 best pre-made first aid kits

These best first aid kit recommendations fit a variety of lifestyles, so you’re sure to find one—or pair a couple—that will help you soothe ouchies for every member of the crew (furry ones included!).To get more news about ifaks, you can visit rusuntacmed.com official website.

  1. Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit
    If the Coleman brand makes you think of heavy-duty water jugs and coffee thermoses, you’re on the right track. This first aid kit is designed for groups headed to the great and rugged outdoors. We like that it has a semi-hard case to protect the goodies inside. We also like that it's jam-packed with 205 items to keep you prepared for a variety of situations, including cuts and sprains.

  2. Trek Proof Compact First Aid Medical Kit
    Geared towards people who love spending time outdoors, this kit’s small size is deceiving. It contains almost any bandage imaginable. It has more than 100 items total. Even better, it's inexpensive so you can put a few around the house so they're handy.

  3. Sustain Supply Co. 4-Person Emergency Survival Kit
    If you live in a disaster-prone region, you’ll want to buy this kit. Sure it's expensive, but it's worth it. It features all the supplies needed for four people to survive for three days, as well as a number of first aid items. All of this goes into a backpack so it's easy to carry.

  4. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight and Watertight Medical Kit
    The Adventure Medical Kit first aid kit caters to the lone ranger. It comes in three sizes so that you can find the one that fits your needs. Plus, it has three water-proof barriers to keep things dry, even when you're kayaking.

  5. Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker First Aid Kit
    For lengthy bike rides or hikes in the woods, you can’t go wrong with Lifeline’s kit. It contains fifty-seven items to help with burns and wounds. It fits in a backpack or attaches to a bicycle so you can take it with you anywhere.

  6. The First Years American Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit
    If you have a kid, you’ll wonder how you ever left home without this kit. It meets every requirement for a young child who’s not feeling well. The kit has a thermometer, medicine spoon, nasal aspirator, and more for taking care of tots. It's small so you can toss it in the diaper bag before heading out.

  7. Medibag Kid-Friendly First Aid Kit
    This Medibag first aid kit truly serves the whole family. It contains 117 pieces, including kid-friendly bandages and stickers. Plus, its friendly look is great for homes with children. The cute pup on the front may just get a giggle out of a tearful patient.

  8. New Market Squared Pet First Aid Kit for Dogs Cats
    This one's for the pet parents. If you own a kitten or a dog that likes to chew everything in sight—even sharp objects—purchase this first aid kit. It holds 45 items essential to handling a pet emergency. The included emergency care handbook can guide you through some stressful situations.

  9. Thrive Car Emergency Kit
    Keep this kit in the car. The Thrive Car Emergancy Kit doesn’t have the most first aid items, but it's well-equipped with car emergency supplies. It includes bungee cords, tools, rope, jumper cables, and more to get you out of many different emergency situations.


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