Players can put themselves into NBA 2K23 as part of MyPlayer

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Players can put 2K MT themselves into NBA 2K23 as part of MyPlayer. MyPlayer feature, using the Face Scan option and take their own character to the NBA. Players can add their own face within NBA 2K23, an option that is part of the MyPlayer feature, with the Face Scanner.

MyPlayer is a long-running one of the defining characteristics of many NBA 2K games, giving the players complete control over how they make their own professional. MyPlayer has become extremely detailed and intricate feature that people seem to like, and there's also another, more refined approach with NBA 2K23 which allows players to make their own character with their own features.

MyPlayer still has features that allow users to alter the facial features of their characters. While it's far from the most accurate method of creating a player, it's still suitable for quick character modifications and allows players to quickly access the attributes of the player and begin unlocking every new badge to enhance them. If you'd like to see their avatar look more like themselves without needing to explore all the options The NBA 2K23 Face Scan feature lets them do exactly that.

NBA 2K23's Face Scan feature allows players to design a character that has a similar appearance to their own without needing to modify each feature available. Although it is possible that the appearance of your character may not be exact but the Face Scan feature will get players closer to the image they wish their character appear like. The first step to using this Face Scan feature is downloading the app called MyNBA2K23.

The MyNBA2K23  game app is available for both Android as well as iPhone users. It's free to download and has additional features such as the ability to Cheap NBA 2K MT earn in-game currency which can be used in the NBA 2K23 Auction House. For access to the MyNBA2K23 apps and facial scan, players have to complete the following steps:


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