And is it, only are guys about the Chiefs merely playingwith, chopping it up

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And is it, only are guys about the Chiefs merely playingwith, chopping it up, trash talking? Every single day someone's trash talking another for later on. "Ayo, when I get home, I'll hit you up, you better answer my telephone" type stuff. Simply talking up of the stuff here at the locker area. However, you'll hear not a lot of banter, but you'll hear guys go back-and-forth about   Madden 23 coins what's really going on in the Madden world. It feels like you guys are the perfect team to take some of the garden stuff that we've seen from The Yard. Do you believe this will be gonna inspire Kansas City to adopt stuff or any area laterals?

We'll see, guy. I know I had the 1 lateral year and that I did not intend on doing this ever again, it was a risky decision. As soon as you see it you don't realize, at the Madden NFL 23 match, how close it was for me to twist my group. I was lucky that Shady was ready for it got vertical and helped us out, but I presume little stuff like that keeps the Madden NFL 23 match enjoyable, keeps it fun, and we'll just need to see whether it is performed at the near-future at Kansas City.

I asked JuJu Smith-Schuster about this and he said that playing Madden will help him a bit with about the field stuff, he mentioned reading a defense before a play happens. Are there any ways that you have been helped by playing? Without a doubt, and it is pretty remarkable it makes it sense, because from an eye in the sky, and you're seeing a policy before the breeze, making it feel fairly easy. And it's like,"Why can not I do this quicker in a game?" It is good for knowledge of what coverage is the defense and things like this, although it's always a little bit different on the area, it helped me feel confident in what I'm seeing, for sure.

My last questionback in 2017, you seemed on UpUpDownDown and stated"I do not think I've played Madden NFL 23 as another team since I have been in the NFL." I know this is possible but can you try to always load up your group with guys on the Chiefs? Yeah, I will. I really don't understand why not, guy, we have everybody we need right here. Yeah with youpersonally, with Pat, with all the speed, I feel like people aren't gonna be permitted to select Chiefs players since you guys are fantastic for this.

Listen, man, we got. Pat played safety in school, I don't know where he would be hidden by us. However, I know a guy like Tyrann Mathieu is an all-around football player, he could do both sides of the soccer, all day. The same thing  madden 23 coins buy he had been a big-time corner and in school, he wished to score touchdowns, so he moved his way into the offensive side of their area. So we have got some football players that were all-around.

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