Diablo 2 Resurrected Down Status and Updates

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As detailed in Sony's recent financial report, it explained that games that are available for PS4 will disappear by 2025. This doesn't mean the older PS4 games will no longer be available for purchase, however Sony is clearly planning to have finished releasing new games on the system by this point with D2R Items.

Instead, by 2025 Sony has estimated that the majority of its earnings associated with games will stem via PlayStation 5, with titles that are available on PC as well as mobile bringing around a quarter of its profits.

All in all, this should not be a surprise given that the PS5 is expected to be Sony's main area of focus for the time to future. It's important to remember that, at the moment, PS4 PS4 is a device that Sony continues to manufacture and releasing games for. In fact, the most anticipated PlayStation game, God of War Ragnarok is expected to release on PS4 whenever it does arrive.

At some point in the next few years, Sony will likely end by making a larger announcement related to the PS4 and the finalization of its lifespan. As we've learned, though, this announcement will be in place in 2025 or so and you should prepare for it.

Are you sad to see that the time of the PS4 is fast approaching an end? Do you know when that Sony will end production of the console? Pac-Man Museum+ Apparently Broken on Xbox Game PassPacMan museum+ is available on several platforms on Friday, including Xbox Game Pass.

Many subscribers were thrilled by the possibility of playing the classic Pac-Man arcade titles as part of the membership but it appears that the game is experiencing several technical issues in the present.

Through social media, several Xbox gamers have complained about issues with the collection of games available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, as well as Xbox Series X. Evidently, players have been experiencing issues with input lag and the game's accomplishments, and having trouble getting the game to load even after the logos of the publisher and the developer appear.

As of now, the problems appear to be limited only to Xbox versions. I am currently working on an article on Pac-Man Museum+ for the Nintendo Switch version of Pac-Man Museum+, and have yet to identify problems with the game's lag or difficulties in booting the game with cheap diablo 2 resurrected items.

I hope Bandai Namco will take notice of these issues and make some changes to the Xbox version of Game Pass. But as of now, players may need to settle for something else for Game Pass!

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