Registration at an online casino is based on entering personal details about yourself into empty fields on a special form. The procedure seems simple and quick, which is important for players who want to jump to their favorite slots and play for real money at the casino as soon as possible

The casinos only ask you to enter real data and have a reason for it. If you want to know what will happen when you enter incorrect data, what the consequences are and how you can fix it, be sure to read our article. We have put all the details about incorrectly entering data into the online casino in it  and test the legal Australian online casino Visa


Registering at an online casino is usually limited to completing a fairly short form in which the most important information is:

  • e-mail adress
  • address
  • first name and last name
  • phone number (sometimes it's optional)
  • Date of birth
  • currency

Occasionally there are additional questions, such as gender, but usually no answer is required. Of course, each player can set his own login and password, here the player's imagination can, and even should, because in a popular online casino it may turn out that simple logins are already taken. It is also worth thinking about a particularly strong password that will not be broken by anyone. Player data at online casinos is particularly well encrypted, but if someone can guess your password it will be hard to protect your account.

Entering incorrect data during registration

There may be times when you accidentally misspell your name, email or other information. If it's a simple typo, it's usually very easy to fix this problem. Often, it is enough to just notify the customer service about the given error, which should quickly fix the error . However, it is worse if it turns out that you entered the wrong date of birth or a completely different name or surname. In this case, the casino may suspect that your mistake was deliberate and may be suspicious of you. It is worth getting acquainted with such detailed information. 

Sometimes you will need to send them your documents right away, such as a photo of your ID card, to confirm that what you are saying is true. This behavior may seem a little intrusive to you, but it turns out to be really necessary in the long run, as it can protect you and other players from possible cheats. So don't be afraid to upload a selfie with your ID or any other ID, it is done for your safety and your own good . Fortunately, most of the cases are quite easy to explain, so after a while you will be able to use the casino as normal. 

Consequences of a serious mistake in registration

Going back to the previous paragraph, sometimes casinos are very harsh about such mistakes. In this case, you will not get any warning, the player's account is simply blocked. If you haven't had time to send any money yet, you're in luck because you can just fill out a new form and register your account . Worse, when the casino detects an irregularity, when you have money in your account, and before that you simply did not notice the mistake. Then the confiscation of money, winnings and account blocking occurs. If you are innocent, all you have to do is contact the staff and prove that it is just a mistake and the details match what you are presenting . 

When you decide to register with a false name and other information about yourself, and then you play for money and want to withdraw your winnings, you may be in for a rather unpleasant surprise. In the vast majority of cases, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings, and that's not all. The remaining money in your account can be blocked , just like your entire account . 

If the casino believes that you have tried to cheat them or other players, they may bring the matter to the prosecutor's office. This is also the case if it turns out that you are an underage player. Before the first payout of winnings, you absolutely need to provide scans of your real documents , so the truth will come out sooner or later . The strictest casinos can ban a person from creating an account on a given website forever, and even in all casinos belonging to a given network.


A mistake in registration, as long as it is visible as a mistake, is relatively easy to explain. It is best to report to the customer service as soon as possible, and one of the employees will allow the player to make changes or enter the relevant data on the player's account. In some cases, you have to react in a slightly different way, especially if you make a mistake about the whole name or the date of birth. It is best to report the irregularity as soon as possible as the casino may react first by blocking the account and imposing other restrictions . It's best to be careful when entering your details so that you don't have any problem later. However, if you do not want to register at a gambling center and play for money, read our article about casinos without registration .

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