Brushed Aluminium Effect 3m x 165mm x 18mm Plinth

Brushed Aluminium Effect 3m x 165mm x 18mm Plinth

Great for tying in with other metal accents, such as decorative trims, this silver-toned kickboard will bring synchronicity to a room. It is used to edge the bottom of floor units and obscure any exposed fixtures from view. It can also prevent food getting trapped in this void for a more hygienic space. This plinth has a robust thickness of 18mm, alongside a length of 3m to minimise how many joins are needed during installation.Get more news about Kitchen Aluminium Plinth,you can vist our website!

Adding the finishing touches to your kitchen can easily be done with our brushed stainless steel plinth or kickboards. All made to measure, durable hard wearing and super easy to keep clean.

All plinths are custom made so you can select the height to suit when there is a non-standard gap. Floors aren’t always even and can vary in height from one end to another.

The beauty of our bespoke manufacturing service is we can accommodate this for an easier fit. Access is available to our measuring guide to take you through the process of making sure your lengths are right.

Got a dishwasher, appliance or wine fridge to accommodate, we can notch and line the cut outs for a neat finish. We make grill fronts of varying sizes, all laser cut for a crisp finish and can make a bespoke size or shape as required. Enhance the finished look by adding a plinth heater or a sweepovac, visit our electrical products to add LED lights, supplied with transformers to plug and go; we will even pre-drill the holes to fit the lights for quick installation at home.

Our plinth is made using our standard 304 grade, 0.9mm thick brushed stainless steel.

This flat sheet can be supplied to bond to existing plinth, for those on a budget looking to simply refresh a kitchen space. We also bond the steel onto 13mm or 19mm white faced mdf; the steel is applied to the face only and folds to the left and right hand ends can be added as required. Add a silicon sealing strip to the 19mm only to complete the look.

Include some of our trims, to cap the ends, cover internal or external corners or even an in-line trim to extend a single length perfect for giving fitting tolerances, masking any gaps all to make the installation easier. Finish with our adjustable plinth clips, supplied in packs of 5 units to fit any leg – a one stop shop for everything plinth.


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