A method for testing the quality of building templates

A method for testing the quality of building templates

A method for testing the quality of building templates

No matter what product, the quality is the center of the whole product, so building template is the same, the quality of building template will be directly related to the project quality and cost, so the quality of building template is very important, then we come to understand what is one to detect the quality of building template?To get more news about film faced plywood, you can visit boosterplywood.com official website.
One, the first thing to do is look at how architecture template of texture and color, good quality of building template texture is there are certain rules, bad then it will look very chaotic, high quality construction template has a very beautiful colour and lustre, grain also is very clear, if you buy the color of building template is heavier.That means the building template is inferior.

Two, look at the detection of glue adhesion, is the viscosity of glue, can put the building template according to into small strips of a short, have a look at the middle of the wood fiber is will split occurred phenomenon, if the two pieces of wood fiber board face points are not evenly on both sides, then glue viscosity is very high.

Three, to check whether there is the phenomenon of scarring, some construction template general natural is no scar, but if she reasonable distribution, then indicate the quality of the product is very good, the product will be more beautiful.
Use the correct method to check the building template to avoid buying the inferior building template, thus any situation will occur during the use.

Actually don't know you know not to know film face plywood, essentially, belongs to a kind of plywood, plywood just is a kind of plate is used in furniture, but building film face plywood is a kind of use in the construction of a building materials, building film face plywood use effect is very good, but it is important to note that everyone at the time of use, to how many know about the construction of film face plywood production, and let us know.
At the time of production building film face plywood, requires above all is according to the need of raw materials, and then made into needs certain specifications of the single board, through reasonable rotary cutting and cutting, the reasonable use and improve the quality of the deputy film face plywood.And then there is need to dry the veneer, this time is through the sun and some processing methods, and then for packaging, made into production need, making high quality architectural film face plywood, veneer for glue after the event, use machine production, so we can ensure each veneer can be homogeneous, achieve high bonding strength, so satisfied with my can reach the standard, and then is blank plate extrusion molding, this process is the way of the preloading, and then to hot pressing, the highest degree of is to reduce the chances of blank plate dislocation, in the use of reasonable pressure and temperature of hot pressing,To ensure the quality of production, the final step is packaging, which is the final process of cutting edge quality inspection packaging.


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