These Are The 11 Best Hair Extensions Brands Out There

These Are The 11 Best Hair Extensions Brands Out There

Not all hair extensions are created equal, and navigating the ever-growing market these days can be daunting to say the least, especially if you're shopping online. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned cash on some bundles only to have one of those "what I ordered" versus "what I got" situations once your package arrives. Sure, it might be fun for a viral meme, but in real life, cheap-looking, lackluster extensions just aren't the move. You hate to see it. We hate to see it — and we want to help you avoid it.To get more news about wig shop, you can visit official website.

Hairstylist and extension expert Marc Mena encourages online shoppers to be resourceful. "To start, do your research on the type of extensions that you are looking for: There are clip-ins, tape, sew-ins and bonded extensions. Also, ask your hair professional what color your hair would be on a color chart, that way you can perfectly match your extensions if you are sourcing them by yourself," he adds.
A word of advice? "Wearing extensions requires you to treat it like your own hair," explains stylist Yene Damtew. "Investing in quality hair will pay off in the long run.” To take the guesswork out of your next online extension purchase, we spoke to a handful of hairstylists and editors to help lead the way. Keep scrolling to see which brands made the cut.
"Richy Hair is the best quality and hand-selected fine hair. In terms of the production process, they use 100 percent Russian Siberian hair that uses no harsh chemicals. Unlike other competitors, Richy Hair avoids using bleach and, as an alternative, lets the hair soak for four to six weeks in a gentle, cold bath solution with proteins and enzymes that facilitate release of melanin pigment to lighten the hair in preparation for the dying process. As a result, their extensions are uniquely able to maintain their cuticle for softer, more durable, undamaged hair. Honestly, they are the best extensions I have ever used. They're [some] of the most natural-looking on the market."
Don't be so quick to purchase the hair that your favorite celeb or hairstylist posts and tags. I've made that mistake and have found that genuine word-of-mouth is the way to go. Additionally, talk to your hairstylist, the person you trust with your look. Ask them if the hair dyes well, what the shedding rate is like, etc."


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