The 9 Best Cold Press Juicers of 2022

The 9 Best Cold Press Juicers of 2022

This may be contrary to what it sounds like, but the cold-pressing process requires no chilled temperatures at all. Instead, cold-pressing is the absence of heat. The hydraulic machines slowly crush out the juice from fruits, vegetables, and other fibrous plants. To get more news about Spiral juicing machine, you can visit official website.

“We really enjoy using cold-press juicers because they avoid the use of friction and heat,” describes Alex Velasquez, general manager and bartender at Lost Boy in downtown Miami. “This may help maintain the nutritional integrity1 as well as the flavor."
From a cocktail perspective, cold press juices have a variety of uses. Fresh lime juice will upgrade a Margarita, while grapefruit juice lends itself well to a Paloma riff. Booze aside, having fresh juice around has a rainbow of benefits.

This is one of the top-selling cold press juicers available, and for good reason: it offers a range of smart features. First of all, there’s a juice and pulp separation function that pulls out the pomace (pulp) from the juice and separates it. Plus, a reverse function helps you dislodge any clogs. Overall, the well-rated machine works by pushing fruits, veggies, and greens through a 7-layer spiral system, cutting, squeezing, milling, separating, and extracting flavors (a process known as masticating) from the produce.

Aicok’s machine functions at an impressive 80 RPM per minute, pulling out flavors from the fruit without creating any friction or heat. Though it’s heavy-duty, it runs quietly at 60 decibels and is completely dishwasher-safe—simply disassemble and place in the top rack of the dishwasher.

“I love the RA Chand J500 manual citrus juicer we use at Bartaco for pressing just the freshest limes," says beverage director, Nicole Quist. "It's heavy-duty and extracts all this beautiful juice and pulp, also presses the oils with skin contact, without "over juicing" or getting bitter pith in the fresh juice.”

The manual press works through placing citrus in the bowl and pulling down on the lever. The metal parts all come apart for easy cleaning. Note that this does only process citrus—lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

When it comes to having fresh juice, “there’s no equal to in-the-moment fresh-squeezed citrus—you really do taste the difference!” says Quist. Bartaco’s beverage program highlights fresh flavors. Quist cites pineapple and ruby grapefruit as favorites in a range of cocktails, including Margarita riffs and Paloma Frescas. “ Tart, fresh lime juice brings brightness and balance, cutting through the sweetness and rounding out the alcohol (there's some serious booze in our Margarita).”My personal favorite is the Nama Cold Press Juicer,” says Velasquez. “You can use this for juices, smoothies, nut milk, etc. For the price, it provides a lot of value, and it is incredibly user-friendly. I like the versatility, and it's great for separating the pulp from the juice. This is important because it ensures the flavor shines through and is not tainted by peel, pith, or seeds.”

By using a pressing approach, the machine torques through entire vegetables, filtering out pulp and crafting fresh juices. The versatile cold press juicer whips up standard cold-press juices, as well as smoothies, non-dairy milks, and frozen desserts. Perfect for working behind a bar or in a busy household, the machine comes apart for easy cleaning.This machine is specifically designed for crafting cold-press slow juices. It breaks down juices by sending ingredients through two different stages, running at 80 RPM a minute to masticate ingredients, and has a quiet but powerful 2HP motor. The machine also works to oxidate the juice through the process, extracting the maximum amount of fresh flavors as possible.

One highlight is the special adjustable-end celery cap. It’s made specifically for breaking down the sinewy stalks of celery (don’t process other vegetables with this cap on!). An alternate cap is made to process the rest of the vegetables. Note that while these are attractive features, it does not segregate the pulp like other options. If something goes wrong, there’s an impressive 15-year coverage on parts.


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