The Importance of Surah Yasin and Its Benefits

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Surah Yasin, also known as Ya-Sin and Yaseen, is the Quran's 36th Surah (chapter) and has 83 ayats (verses). For those who are unfamiliar with Yasin Shareef, it is the core of the Quran since it covers all six articles or basic beliefs of Islam. Including belief in only one God, prophethood, and afterlife and rebirth, among others. Surah Yasin declares the Quran to be a divine source and cautions people who reject God's revelations.

It also describes the punishments meted out to nonbelievers, their offspring, and subsequent generations. The surah emphasizes God's sovereignty and the reality of the Resurrection. It is regarded as a Meccan surah, and its major subject is to clarify some of Islam's fundamental principles, notably the belief in life after death.

Yasin Shareef's Importance in Quotes

Many scholars emphasize the significance of Surah Yasin. The following are some renowned opinions and quotations from academic Hadiths concerning Surah Yasin:

  • Everything must have a heart, and Surah-e-Yasin is the heart of the Quran. Whoever reads it has read the Quran 10 times.
  • Whoever studies Surah Yasin in a single night will be pardoned the next day.
  • Whoever recites Surah Yaseen at night in order to gain Allah's favor will be forgiven.
  • Whoever continues to read it every night till he or she dies will be regarded as a Shaheed (martyr).
  • Whoever enters the graveyard and reads Surah Yasin will have their (penalty) decreased that day. And he will get hasanaat (reward) according to the number of those in the graveyard.

The Advantages of Reading Surah Yaseen

• Multiplied Rewards:
According to several experts, reciting Surah Yasin in its entirety once is equivalent to reading the Holy Quran ten times. The bigger recompense from Allah SWT is one of the main reasons why Surah Yasin is so essential.

• Allah's forgiveness:
Believers who recite Surah Yasin with a pure heart will be pardoned for their misdeeds by Allah SWT as they sleep.

• Spiritual Guidance:
Those who recite this surah on a regular basis are directed by Allah in their daily lives. It removes anxiety and uncertainty and provides the strength to sail through difficult times:

• Peaceful Passing:
It is advised to recite Yasin Shareef to a dying person in order for them to pass gently to the other side.

After Surah Yasin, do a dua.

There’s no precise Hadith concerning dua after Yasin, however, it is widely assumed that any dua performed after reciting Surah Yasin will be accepted by Allah Almighty's kindness. Let us look at several brief and profound duas to recite following Surah Yasin:

• Translation:
Praise be to Allah for all of His favors. Oh Allah, forgive us all of our sins, grant us everything that is good, and keep us away from all that is evil.

• Translation:
Allah, I pray You for serenity and trust in this world and the next.

• Translation:
I do not associate anything with Allah, Allah, my Lord, the Most Gracious [and] the Most Merciful.

• Translation:
He who is sufficient in all things but is insufficient in Himself. Be adequate for me in what concerns me in my current situation.

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