Freelance Backend Developers Job Income In 2022: For Freshers And Experienced

If you are qualified and skilled, it won't' be hard for you to find a perfect freelancing backend developer job. We have over 3.6 billion people who use the internet across the globe. No wonder there are many opportunities for all those seeking to be a part of development work.

Freelance Developer Income According To Their Work Experience


If you just started after completing your education and have little or no experience at all, you will earn around 3,00,000 per annum, including bonuses and other perks. A freelance back end developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average income of 3,80,000 per annum.


This figure can rise rapidly as you move ahead in your career. A professional with 1-4 years of experience earn around 4% more than the base average. And this percentage goes up as you gain more experience in the field.




Freelance Developer Income According To Their Skill


As you know, your skills play an important role in your earnings. If you have highly professional skills with your qualifications, you will not only be preferred by multiple freelance platforms but also paid a higher income. 


If you are good at work working with Linux, the chances are that you will be paid about 91% more than the developer who doesn't have this skill. Similarly, your proficiency in Python can pay you 77% more than other freelance back end developers. Other skills in this list include JavaScript (23% higher salary), Node.js (11% more salary, and MySQL (9% more salary). Now you know what course to pursue to improve your chances of earning a better income.


Some Skills That Can Help You To Get Better Pay For Your Freelancing Work


  • Knowledge of web development languages, such as ruby, Python, Java, and PHP.
  • Server handling.
  • Detailed knowledge about how data work operates.
  • Knowledge of different frameworks.
  • Knowledge of how to connect APIs.



We know that the back end developers' jobs will continue to be in demand in the future. Every business that needs a website as its online representation will need back end developers to handle back end development tasks. Back end developers are critical to web development.


So if you are still looking out for career options, back end development is an option that is worth considering. Or, if you are already one and want to acquire more skills to stay relevant or increase your pay, you can take courses that can help you do that.




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