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A beauty salon, also called a beauty center, institute of beauty or aesthetics, is an establishment in which all kinds of services related to beauty and image care are provided, performed by beauticians, such as skin care. , hairdressing, hand, foot and nail care, facial aesthetics or waxi

A beauty salon, also called a beauty center, institute of beauty or aesthetics, is an establishment in which all kinds of services related to beauty and image care are provided, performed by beauticians, such as skin care. , hairdressing, hand, foot and nail care, facial aesthetics or waxing, among others. Beauty salons can offer various services or be specialized centers.

Definition of Hairdressing

The hair salon is the establishment that people go to cut or style their hair. In this place you can perform different hair treatments that, for the most part, have to do with the beautification of the hair and with the restoration of its strength. There are different types of hairdressers, although some receive all types of clients, many others specialize in cuts for women, men or children. The name of hairdresser is synonymous with beauty salon; most renowned is touched by an Angel Salon.

A hairdresser is characterized by having a line of seats facing a mirror in which the hairdresser observes the totality of the client's head. The seats are usually comfortable and reclining, with adjustable height to adapt to different types of customers. At the same time, there is a table between the mirror and the client where the hairdresser places all his elements and products to be used. Among the tools most used by the hairdresser we find scissors, combs, dryers, tweezers and different hooks that are used to collect hair. Both lighting and cleanliness are both extremely important aspects for a good job in the salon. Touched by an angel salon in Union City is richly equipped with modern techniques and apparatuses.

Treatments in hair Salons

Different types of treatments can be performed in hairdressers. Although hair cutting is the most required service, hairstyles, application of extensions or wigs, dyes, hair modeling and numerous treatments that have to do with restoring the hair to its natural firmness and shine are also performed . To carry out such tasks, hairdressers have a variety of products that can sometimes be dangerous for humans and that is why their use is questioned.

Nowadays hairdressers are of great importance and establishments have even been developed where hairdressing services for animals are offered. In them most of the clients request washing and haircuts although you can also find special jobs for some breeds of dogs.

What are beauty salons?

A beauty salon is known as a commercial establishment that offers different services oriented towards hygiene and the arrangement or beautification of both, the hair and the skin, hands and feet. Generally, beauty salons are attended by expert and qualified personnel, known as beauticians such as in Lux Beauty Lounge in Touched by an Angel beauty Salon. It is also common for these establishments to offer different quality products for sale for professional use.

In some places the name of beauty salon or aesthetics is given interchangeably, but in other parts the beauty salon is just a hairdresser for women, and instead the aesthetics can be unisex. The name of aesthetics is also given to establishments in which the range of services is very wide and of high quality, and where, in addition, the treatment given to the clientele can be of absolute privacy.

Since ancient times, importance has been given to the way of wearing the hair and in general to personal grooming. The concept of beauty salon has its beginnings in ancient Greece and it was the wealthiest people who came for treatments and services to enhance their beauty. At that time, fats of animal origin, mixtures of flowers and herbs, etc., were already used for the production of creams, make-up and other cosmetics.

Concept of Beauty Salon

The concept of beauty salon that we have today is due to the Canadian Martha Matilde Harper, who between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries also created the concept of what is now known as franchises.

Currently in a beauty or aesthetic salon the services offered can be very varied. Among the most notable are haircuts, application of dyes, highlights, highlights, curling, straightening, treatments or masks. Regarding skin treatments, various types of masks are offered, such as moisturizing, rejuvenating, anti-acne, exfoliating, etc. It is also possible to receive massages of various types, waxing with different techniques, tanning either in a tanning bed or with an aerosol.

In beauty salons, different types of hairstyles, makeup and arrangements are made depending on the occasion. Nowadays, when it comes to brides, it is very common that wedding packages are offered in which the beauty staff even goes to the home to fix the bride and her closest relatives.

Usually, to go to the beauty salon to receive any type of service, an appointment is required, since each of the services and treatments requires a certain time, both for the preparation of the facilities and products and for the application of themselves.

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