How can I scrape addresses and person data from websites?

Comments · 88 Views Leads Scraper is one of the best and popular scraping tool for person detail data like person name, telephone number, and person address.

How to scrape person detail data from

What is is one of the most popular online personal information directories that telemarketers use to increase sales. The website provides clear information about people's names, addresses, and phone numbers, which is why telemarketers use to find potential customers.

Typically, when you search for contact information for people on a website, the search results return thousands of results. For example, if you enter a first name (Alan Smith) in the First name and Last name section and start the search. It will provide 1000 results of "Alan Smith", that is, with the number of Alan Smith, there are 1000 people in the US and the current page shows the result of 10 people, that is, there are 10 pages where a website shows Data.

Now as a telemarketer you have 2 options here, the first is you can start copying and pasting all the data available in 10 pages to excel and start calling them. In this method, you have to spend hours and hours and a lot of effort to scrape data in an Excel sheet which can affect your business productivity.

Another more efficient option is to use Scraper, which most professionals use to extract data from With the scraper, you can extract thousands of contact numbers, names, addresses, etc. in minutes in Excel format. This will save you valuable time and increase your productivity. When you have thousands and millions of leads, you can start your call without wasting any time and you can increase your sales by 10 and see your sales results fast.

Most telemarketers are unfamiliar with the tool and spend a lot of time copying data from the past. I have to say this is one of the best tools that can increase sales through speed dialing. With this scraper, you can extract data for specific states, cities, and areas and you can orient them according to time zone.


 How to extract leads using the scraper.

You will see that there are many scraping tools available in the software industry to extract data from, but you need to choose wisely. Addresses Lead Extractor is the best option if you are looking for a tool that extracts data in a very fast and accurate format. We have attached a complete help guide with software for your understanding. Directions Lead Grabber can take the person's name, phone number, and address, etc.

The scraper is the United Lead Scraper project for extracting leads from You can extract your name, address, and phone. You can save the data in EXCEL or CSV format.

All you need to open "United Lead Scraper" type "" in the search box for "Paid Website Scraper" and click the search button then project scripts, they will be displayed as shown in the screenshot. Then click on "Run the extractor". When you see a new pop-up window, click the "Search button" to extract the data into EXCEL, CSV file.

Stop wasting time copying and pasting website data.

Use United Lead scraper to extract data from any website

Extract the name, phone number, and address.