Shanghai Travel Tips for Women

Shanghai Travel Tips for WomenShanghai Travel Tips for Women

Be it for business or leisure, solo or in a group, Shanghai is a great destination for women to travel to; these are some things to keep in mind when planning such a trip.To get more news about Shanghai travel advice, you can visit shine news official website.

Language Barrier
Be prepared for a language barrier since not everyone speaks English though you can still easily enjoy exploring the city. Staying at places with English-speaking staff will be a big help, as will making use of translation apps. Also, write down key local phrases to use and the Chinese name and address of your apartment or hotel.

Safe Accommodation
Do your research and find a suitable place to stay in a safe area that offers easy access to local transport services too. When it comes to such serviced apartments, Shanghai long stay accommodation options at reputed properties like Citadines Xujiahui Shanghai that also feature 24-hour security CCTV monitoring are ideal.

Appropriate Attire
Generally, the Chinese tend to be more conservative when it comes to attire and thus, it’s better to avoid wearing anything too revealing. Also, remember that on visits to temples or religious sites, you should wear clothes that cover bare shoulders and legs, while footwear must be removed before entering a person’s home.

When Getting About
When travelling about Shanghai or any other major city for that matter, stay vigilant and keep watch of your valuable items or documents, especially in crowded areas; having a bum bag / fanny pack will be helpful. Additionally, if using taxis, remember to always stick with a licensed one that has a working meter as well.


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