Sandstone Capping in Dulwich Hill NSW

J&T Smith Stonemasons is a stone masonry company based in Dulwich Hill NSW specializing in domestic, commercial, and industrial stone construction all over Sydney. We are professionals in building all facets of stonework including retaining walls, feature walls, and all other aspects o

Sandstone capping Dulwich Hill is one of the key features that transform your boring outdoor retaining walls into a stunning look. Capping must be installed properly to experience lasting benefits.

Sandstone Capping in Dulwich Hill NSW
At J&T Smith Stonemasons, we have adequate experience to provide sandstone capping installation. Sandstone wall capping is where the stone is placed on top of the pillar or on cladded block walls to give a complete makeover. Without proper capping, water can diffuse into the gaps and causes serious problems. Capping is available in different types – steel, concrete, natural stone, concrete, asphalt, and steel. The use of high-quality sandstone in varying shapes, sizes, designs, finishes and colors gives a decorative appearance to your buildings. We install sandstone wall capping in Dulwich Hill that seals appropriately and at the desired location.

Sandstone capping is extensively used in the interior and exterior decoration of both residential and commercial projects. Are you looking for sandstone capping installation services in Dulwich Hill? We offer superior quality capping solutions that do not compromise on aesthetic factors and the durability of the structure. As an experienced company that has worked with this material for several years, we will make sure your sandstone capping looks good and lasts for a long time. Our experts at J&T Smith Stonemasons will use the best installation techniques, and source raw materials from reliable producers to complete the project to a high standard. Let us show you how a natural material such as sandstone can make a dramatic difference to your property.

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