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Tvidler  All that a user has to do is to insert it into the ear and rotate it with a gentle hand. Within a few seconds, it clears the ear canal and removes all debris from inside. The tip of this device is easy on the extremely sensitive ear canal. The company confirms using high-grade silicon to create this tip, making it soft and tender on the inner ear lining. After using it once, it can be washed, dried, and kept for a long time until it is needed for the next time. Considering how the world is switching to a zero-waste lifestyle and sustainable options, using this device that is fit for years is ideal. Some customers also state that they do not feel extra careful while using Tvidler, which is common when you use earbuds. One wrong movement or force and the cotton bud can directly hit the eardrum, causing irreparable damage, but there is no such concern with Tvidler. Every pack of Tvidler comes with six tips that can be used by the whole family.
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