District 9 the smartest show in recent years

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What things are. Peter Jackson surprised many by signing the promising, and almost unknown, Neill Blomkamp to direct the risky and long-awaited adaptation of the famous video game

What things are. Peter Jackson surprised many by signing the promising, and almost unknown, Neill Blomkamp to direct the risky and long-awaited adaptation of the famous video game 'Halo' to the big screen; however, the project was finally canceled (Steven Spielberg has returned to recover ). Jackson was disappointed but wanted to continue to be the one to give Blomkamp the impetus to direct his first film, and asked him if he had any ideas. That's where 'District 9' came from , which has garnered a well-deserved, and unsurprising, success in the United States.

Luckily, the Spanish public will not have to wait too long to see it, 'District 9' opens in Spain next Friday, September 11, and I already tell you that it is one of the most stimulating, intelligent, spectacular and entertaining films that have been done in recent years . It seems incredible that it is the work of a newcomer in the cinema, although at the same time it is still logical, seeing the way in which he narrates the conflictive arrival of an alien ship to our planet. Without exaggeration, Neill Blomkamp has come close to debuting the best science fiction movie since 'Blade Runner' .

The idea that Blomkamp gave to the head of the trilogy of 'The Lord of the Rings' was in a short film he made in 2005, entitled 'Alive in Joburg' . In this play, the South African director presented a fantastic vision of apartheid . Simulating a television report, we were shown how an alien race had arrived on our planet, but far from being a great joy or a terrible fear, the situation was problematic, since there was no place to welcome the extraterrestrials; the human way out (note the irony of this) was to isolate them in a secluded area, where they live poorly and are treated as dangerous animals.

The short film stood out for the approach and also for the way in which Neill Blomkamp integrated the special effects in what appeared to be a real informative piece covered by real media and starring real characters (who intervened speaking to the camera). The director wanted to exploit these findings and give them a new dimension, lengthening and improving the development of such an interesting starting point .

And so we come to 'District 9' , in which the same situation already exposed occurs, extending it and making the most of the cinematographic format, offering a show that takes your breath away . In fiction, an alien ship arrived on Earth two decades ago; specifically, to Johannesburg, in South Africa. Far from what could be supposed, there is no contact or attack, the device in which these beings from another planet have arrived remains floating in the sky, still, as if it had been switched off. It is soon discovered that the situation of the aliens is precarious, they are crammed into a dead vehicle.

The first step is to remove the strange beings from the ship and temporarily install them in District 9 (who knows why the title has not been translated, they do not hit a single one), until it is decided what to do with them. The situation quickly became untenable and it was decided to relocate them elsewhere, to a kind of concentration camp, further away from people, where they could be better cared for ... in fact, controlled. The dangerous operation will be carried out by a powerful company called Multi-National United ( MNU ), more interested in impressive technology and alien weaponry than in safety and the dignified treatment of creatures (disparagingly referred to as “ prawns ”).

Neill Blomkamp is discovered as a storyteller of impressive talent, showing us with fierceness the chaos that occurs in the area when the inevitable failure of human control occurs, initiating a chain of explosive events, of great dramatic charge, perfectly planned and set. on stage, resulting in an overwhelming, fresh and extremely funny film . We have the classic disagreement between civilizations, the imposition of rules by the strongest on the (apparently) weakest, the dilemma of human behavior, the possibilities of a science superior to ours ... but there are also spectacular action scenes and characters from flesh and blood (Oscar nomination for Sharlto Copley , already).

Like the great works of the science fiction genre, 'District 9' makes us reflect on the circumstances of a scenario that seems real, in fact, taken from reality to take it further, that is close and possible, coherent even though we are seeing to huge intelligent insects rummaging in garbage and wearing rags. By the way, if you had to give a note to the visual effects of the film, it could not be other than the honor plate , because the way in which you manage to place the aliens and their technology in our world is totally amazing.

So where does it fail? In something that I cannot / want to write here, because my last wish with this text is to ruin any surprise for you (you know that in my criticisms I try not to gut anything relevant from the plot), but I will wait for you in the comments when you see it, and the we comment with spoilers and everything. I'm just telling you that the problem is in the point of view , and, a little less, in certain behaviors and specific aspects of the script that do not match the crude and realistic set, being more typical of the rest of the films that come to us, full of topics and inconsistencies, implausible.