Can you help me with the Bellsouth email settings?

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John Smith

22 days ago

Posted: 22 days ago
If you want to use Bellsouth email on a different email client, then you must know the server settings for a proper configuration. If you go wrong with it then you will have a hard time getting access to your emails. You have nothing to worry about as we are here to help you with the settings in the easiest way possible. Use the below settings for outgoing server, incoming server, and POP respectively:

Outgoing Server/ SMTP settings
Outgoing/ SMTP Server:
SMTP Username: Your email ID
SMTP Password: Your password associated with the above mail
SMTP Port Number: 465
Bellsouth SMTP Security: SSL/ TLS

Incoming Server/ IMAP settings
Incoming Server:
IMAP Username: Your mail ID
IMAP Password: Your password associated to the above mail
Bellsouth IMAP Port Number: 993
Bellsouth IMAP Security: SSL/ TLS

POP Server
POP Server:
POP Username: Your email address
POP Password: Your password
POP Port Number: 995
POP Security: SSL
If there is something else that you need to know about the outlook settings then do connect with us.
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